JWS Lawyers prepare an information platform for the future with the help of EzeScan!
Johnson Winter & Slattery adopted a series of iManage solutions paired with an EzeScan capture workflow solution to make critical work easy to save, file, organise and search. Here’s how it worked..
Melbourne’s Bayside City Council reduces the opportunities for virus transmission with the assistance of an EzeScan digitisation solution. Here’s why they did it...
Government legislation introduced to deal with the COVID 19 provided a challenge to Local Government Authorities in that state that still had many human touch points in their planning workflows. Reducing the opportunities for virus transmission required eliminating these touchpoints, a strategy that Melbourne’s Bayside City Council achieved with the assistance of an EzeScan capture management solution.
Bayside City Council has implemented an EzeScan production batch scanning solution to assist with its long term migration towards electronic document and records management for over 500 users.
Hugging Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne’s south, the council has been implementing a HP TRIM EDRMS over recent years and steadily replacing manual tasks with automated solutions. EzeScan is now utilised for scanning of incoming correspondence, licence and permit applications, property matters and planning and development applications. Previously all required a high level of manual data entry.
The University of Sydney is pursuing a multi-pronged strategy for capturing records from email systems, according to Records Manager May Robertson.
According to its latest annual report, the University of Sydney has more than 50,000 students and more than 6,400 academic staff. Ensuring that records of the correspondence between students and staff are captured and kept for as long as needed is a key challenge for the University’s Archives and Records Management Services (ARMS) team.
Smith Family says goodbye to paper forms and hello to $120,000
Manually managing paper forms and donor letters is a time-consuming chore for many charities. It’s costly and error prone, syphoning vital resources from more productive fundraising tasks. The piles of paper were particularly tall for The Smith Family, which runs a sponsorship program that allows donors to write letters to the students they are supporting. To ease the burden, in 2018 The Smith Family implemented a document digitisation and processing solution from EzeScan. The Smith Family has boosted donations and improved donor engagement while saving 1,600 hours in staff time each year. Here’s how they did it.
New capture solution for major US Accounting Firm causing minimal issues for iManage users
Accountancy is a virtual industry, but there is still a paper component and a need to transfer vital documents and emails from one system to another, so a scanning solution is a key element of the whole operation. With over 80 offices and 9,000 staff across the United States, our client is one of the largest accounting/ taxation firms in the US. They have been providing assurance, accounting, tax, business consulting and wealth management services to their clients for nearly 100 years and continue to grow.
EzeScan works with FootAnstey to re-shape the role paper plays in the organisation.
Foot Anstey is one of the largest regional law firms in the South West. The firm has been collaborating with an EzeScan partner ITEC on an initiative to develop a digital mailroom. Deregulation has opened up the legal sector to increased competition. Responding to this kind of seismic change is all about agility - and paper hampers agility. It encourages people to become wedded to a desk near to where their documents are filed. It costs money to store paper and time to retrieve documents.
EzeScan helps Donn & Co cut scanning time down by more than half!
Sharon Petford, partner at Donn & Co. says scanning solution Post Partner, powered by EzeScan and Brother has saved the firm around 50% of time spent scanning documents for case work. When someone thinks of a traditional high street law firm, what is often pictured isn’t far from the environment found in the 1999 film Office Space, except with more paper. Over the last couple of years have been making moves to reduce paper usage and the manual tasks that surround them. Donn & Co has recently taken on a few initiatives to change the way it works - making it more digitally-enabled. Sharon Petford says it’s important to create efficiencies and keep up with the times.