Sydney’s Marrickville Council
Sydney’s Marrickville Council implements workflow automation with EzeScan!
A new workflow automation platform is being implemented by Sydney’s Marrickville Council using EzeScan data capture software and Technology One workflows. Heres how it works...
The Gordon
Victorian TAFE gets in control of student records!
Victoria’s Gordon Institute of TAFE has taken steps to tackle the workflow and records management challenges of student enrolment through the implementation of an EzeScan capture solution.
UK Police
How EzeScan software helped the UK Police Force to digitise paper records to help prevent future tradgedies.
When the UK Police Force needed a data capture solution to help with their investigations, EzeScan software was configured to apply metadata to digitized records that were then uploaded to the EDRMS, enabling ease of searching of hand written content.
WA Office of Director of Public Prosecutions
Paperless push pays off for WA Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP)!
Police briefs that could run up to 10,000 pages were causing headaches for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) for Western Australia, which has found relief in a paperless workflow utilising Kodak scanners and EzeScan software. Here’s how it worked...
Legal Aid
Digital drive helps ease the caseload for Legal Aid Queensland.
A drive towards digitisation is well underway at Legal Aid Queensland, the Statutory Authority and is in fact the State’s largest legal practice that has 450 full time employees. Here’s how they did it with the help of EzeScan...
City of Kingston
City of Kingston finds form with EzeScan!
With the help of an EzeScan automated web form capture solution, the local government authority has eliminated time-consuming data entry and data transposing to enable them to focus their expertise on more valuable areas.
Ordnance Survey
Ordnance Survey adopts an EzeScan Capture Solution to scan and organise 1800 staff records!
With the help of EzeScan, Ordnance Survey has cut the time taken to scan each historic staff record from 20 minutes to 40 seconds. Here’s how they did it.
EzeScan JWS Case Study Featured Image.png
Johnson Winter & Slattery
JWS Lawyers prepare an information platform for the future with the help of EzeScan!
Johnson Winter & Slattery adopted a series of iManage solutions paired with an EzeScan capture workflow solution to make critical work easy to save, file, organise and search. Here’s how it worked..