Streamlining TechnologyOne Invoice Processing with SaaS

Chelmsford City Council

Chelmsford City Council, a prominent district council catering to over 190,000 residents in Essex handles around 1,000 supplier invoices per month has taken a bold step towards streamlining its operations.

Chelmsford City Council Partners with EzeScan to Revolutionize Invoice Processing and Boost Efficiency.

Manual invoice processing was time-consuming and lacked visibility on the number of invoices yet to be processed.
EzeScan’s seamless integration with TechnologyOne, the council’s enterprise software of choice, enables invoices to be automatically imported, validated and processed in real-time. Any invoices with missing or incorrect data are flagged for review through EzeScan’s Intuitive Web Inte
Following a quick QA check, about 25% of the invoices are sent directly to a workflow in TechnologyOne without human intervention and are ready for payment and much more!