EzeScan's Application Survey Forms Data Extraction.png
Automate the processing of your application and survey forms using EzeScan's form data capture technology to eliminate the manual task of keying in form data.
For the records professional EzeScan takes the hard work out of capturing your valuable information, accurately and efficiently. EzeScan can help you capture large volumes of paper based, digital born documents and corporate email. 
EzeScan's Decentralised Enterprise Capture Icon.png
Enterprise Capture Made Easy! Automatically align your information capture with your business processes with our decentralised enterprise capture solution.
EzeScan Digital Forms Automation can help your organisation to say goodbye to the tedious paper forms and improve your overall operational efficiencies.
EzeScan's Digital Mailroom Automation Icon.png
Take the hard work out of scanning and distributing your physical mail with our digital mailroom solution.
EzeScan Solution - Digital Transformation Icon
EzeScan can help you digitally transform all those labour-intensive manual tasks that hold up your business, and help you convert your paper-based processes to highly automated digital workflows. Reduce your reliance on paper, and where possible eliminate it all together.
EzeScan's EzePayment Getaway Icon
EzePayment enables you to easily email a constituent a secured payment form and with a simply ‘click through’ the donation can be completed within minutes.
Take the hard work out of your FOI Requests!
EzeScan's Invoice Processing Automation Icon
Say goodbye to data entry by using EzeScan to capture supplier invoice data automatically.
EzeScan's Workflow Process Automation Icon
Stop wasting your staff’s valuable time and automate your repetitive and mundane tasks with EzeScan.
EzeScan's Simplified Back Scanning Icon
Take the hard work out of scanning and indexing your massive backlog of stored documents.