Capture Your Information Quickly!

With EzeScan’s automated data capture solutions you can reduce manual data entry and put your information to work faster than ever before.

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Whatever information your documents contain, the real value to your organisation relies on your ability to accurately register them and make them available for use in your business.

In a simple computer filing system, documents are typically stored in folders, and files manually named using “File / Save As”.

With the advent of electronic document management systems more detailed information is requested of the user as they are prompted to complete a document profile form.

In either case, left to their own devices most people name documents meaningless names and file them where it can’t be found!

And of course, if you’re doing this one document at a time the process is even more laborious and erroneous.

EzeScan can make things better!

EzeScan can be easily configured to work with both your simple filing business capture processes or your more detailed document management system requirements.

With built in data recognition engines EzeScan can help limit data entry, and in some cases eliminate it all together.

Our Recognition Engines include:

  • OCR (Type characters)
  • ICR (Handwriting)
  • OMR (Tick boxes)
  • BCR (Barcodes)
  • MICR (Magnetic ink characters on cheques)
  • DISCOVERY (Smart capture of regular expression data on documents such as invoices)

To find out more information on any of these modules visit our Modules page.