EOL Connector Status

The current End of Life (EOL) status for integration connectors is:

Connector Name Expiry Status EOL Date
Alfresco Expired 01/07/2019
Sage 200 Expired  30/06/2020 
Sage 300 Expired  30/06/2020 
Blackbaud Raisers Edge NXT Expired 17/08/2021



Why is a connector being announced as becoming End of Life?

There are a variety of good reasons why this might happen. They include but are not limited to:

  • The vendor has made their product, or their product API End of life.  They aren't supporting it, so Outback Imaging can't support it.
  • Outback Imaging may no longer have the legal right to build integration connectors for certain products. Those rights are often part of Technology Partnership agreements that can and do expire.
  • The prevailing IT industry trend to transition from on premise software to hosted cloud based software is reshaping Software development from what used to be Microsoft Windows applications to Cloud based applications delivered by web browser.
  • It's no longer commercially viable for Outback Imaging to continue with it ongoing development and support, due to increasing costs that are outside of our control.



What happens when a connector End of Life date is announced but it has not reached or passed that date yet?

  • The connector is removed from Outback Imaging price book.
  • Outback Imaging will no longer sell that connector to any new customers, or to any existing customers.
  • Existing customers who purchased the integration prior to the EOL announcement will be supported up to the EOL date, for the current version of the connector.
  • No new development work will occur on the connector.
  • Customers need to think about what they will do once EOL occurs.



What happens when a connector End of Life date has expired?

  • No new development work will occur on the connector.
  • Our support team will not be able to have bug fixes or enhancements done on the connector.
  • The connector that has been passed it's End Of Life date will be scheduled for removal from our EzeScan product installer.