EzeScan works with FootAnstey to re-shape the role paper plays in the organisation.

Foot Anstey is one of the largest regional law firms in the South West. The firm has been collaborating with an EzeScan partner ITEC on an initiative to develop a digital mailroom. Deregulation has opened up the legal sector to increased competition. Responding to this kind of seismic change is all about agility - and paper hampers agility. It encourages people to become wedded to a desk near to where their documents are filed. It costs money to store paper and time to retrieve documents.

Foot Anstey has responded to these challenges with boldness and innovative thinking, re-shaping its services to become more specialised and radically re-thinking the way it supports its staff through technology. This has accelerated success to the point where, in terms of revenue growth, Foot Anstey regularly ranks in the top ten firms in the sector nationwide.

A tour of Foot Anstey offices brings this to life - open plan offices, unobtrusive printers, plenty of open spaces for people to meet and collaborate. It almost has the look and feel of a tech start-up rather than a law firm. Staff move seamlessly between Foot Anstey offices, customer sites and other locations since, in this model, physical geography is largely irrelevant.

Foot Anstey has worked with EzeScan and ITEC to re-shape the role paper plays in the organisation. One significant benefit has been that, even as employee numbers have swiftly climbed past 500, there has been no increase in the number of printers in Foot Anstey offices. Security is now stronger as ITEC has implemented security based on the Follow Me model.

Duncan Eadie, IT and business services director at Foot Anstey, says: “Our vision of agile working makes geography an irrelevance. Deployment of technology means staff can work seamlessly from multiple locations. It’s all about freeing our staff up to respond quickly and nimbly to client needs’.