Renee / Records Officer (Australia)

Just wanted to thank Fabian (VIC) and Thean (QLD) for all of their assistance with getting my ezescan back up and running again. Both of these staff members went above and beyond to help me and I am extremely grateful.

Robert (Australia)

"Good morning Mike, I had the pleasure of meeting you and Ramesh back in January 8-10 2018 for EzeScan training at the Carina office.

Since then I have had done many installs and configurations and come across some issues that myself and team leader can’t resolve. I have emailed support and had Ramesh get back to me every time with a solution to my issue in a very short time. The solutions and steps are very easy to follow and work every time.

I would like to commend his efforts to make EzeScan the right choice to not only be a good solution for our clients, but also have the support when required to resolve issues."

Shane (Australia)

“Simon, we have 35 Location that do document imaging within our network imaging +- 5000 to 10000 document per day.

The Process that had to be followed on the previous imaging system, was too make sure that all documents imaged, would have a corresponding document number (as the file name) only than could our document management system be able to marry the imaged document to the relevant information in our operations system.

If the system did not correctly rename each file when imaged, it would have to be manually corrected (very time consuming). We would achieve successful read rate of about 30 to 50%. On average it would take 3-4 hours in our large branches to complete the document processing before the end of their shift. On most occasions not all documents for that day would be imaged.

Since the rollout of EzeScan Central OCR we have managed to save on average 2-3 hours per location on document processing. Freeing up that resource to perform other task with in the business. EzeScan has improved our, out of standard reporting and the Proof of delivery documents are in the system days faster.

This improves our invoicing turnaround times and directly decreases our debtors days.

We have a few setup issues going live, fortunately for us EzeScan has Ramesh and yourself , both of you were ALLWAYS on hand to help with whatever issues (big or small) we might have encountered or changes needed, allowing the application to work and fit in with our internal process.

I would recommend EzeScan to anyone!”

Chris (Australia)

“Hi Tony, this is great, thank you. I know that these small changes to our front end data entry will make a big difference to the team. Especially as they go through lots and lots of addresses with each days registration.

This morning I saw Sylvia manually deleting this extra data and asked what she was doing as I couldn’t believe they were doing this manually for each document entry.

I told her that EzeScan could do this for us and she didn’t believe me at first! So I told her to email Fabian and have you guys weave your magic J

Really appreciate you being able to work with us and have our settings updated all on the same day so quickly.
The response turnaround time is as impressive as ever with you guys.”

Paul (Australia)

“The service delivered to us has been exceptional and outstanding from both yourself and Will. I am more than happy to act as a verbal reference anytime.

Thank you for all of your support. Looking forward to working with you in the future.”