Centralised capture solution keeps the Followmont fleet on the move.

Followmont Transport

Followmont Transport has 18 company-owned depots throughout Queensland. They specialise in express freight responsible for pharmaceuticals, hardware and mail, carrying out 60 freight movements every night.

The largest independently-owned transport company in Queensland is ensuring its future with a host of state-of-the-art technology deployments including a new centralised EzeScan scanning and capture solution. Here’s why they did it..

5,000 - 10,000 critical documents are scanned at the end of each working day across 35 locations around Queensland. Each time freight is delivered, a Connote document must be signed to indicate Proof of Delivery and the document returned that evening for capture. On average it would take 3-4 hours in the large branches to complete document processing.
Followmont implemented an EzeScan Central OCR Platform to improve standard reporting and get their Proof of Delivery documents in the system faster. The speed with which these documents can be scanned and made available within the company’s Synergize document management system is critical to invoicing and hence cashflow.
Followmont has saved on average 2-3 hours per location on document processing. Much faster data verification, shortened billing and payment cycles, with proof of delivery available for the office within a few minutes. With improved standard reporting and faster registration of Proof of Delivery documents, invoice turnaround times have been improve invoicing turnaround and directly decreased debtor days.
"Since the rollout of EzeScan Central OCR we have managed to save on average 2-3 hours per location on document processing, freeing up resources. EzeScan has improved our standard reporting and the Proof of Delivery documents are in the system faster. This improves our invoicing turnaround times and directly decreases our debtor days" - Shane Els, Followmont Transport’s Project & Systems Support Manager