City of Darebin tames Email Records Capture with EzeScan Profiler Solution!

City of Darebin

The City of Darebin Council receives on average between 4,000 to 4,500 emails per month.

The City of Darebin has implemented an EzeScan Email Records Capture Solution to process their large volumes of emails into Objective ECM in a fraction of the time. Here’s why they did it..

The previous capture solution did not deliver the required functionality to process these emails in batches. Team members would have to process emails one at a time which is extremely laborious.
Council implemented an EzeScan Records Capture Solution which allows their emails and attachments to be batch processed into Objective ECM the same manner as scanned or electronic documents. EzeScan profiler was deployed to standardise all council records and digitisation requirements by automatically naming files, applying static metadata, triggering workflows and sending email notifications.
The council has substantially reduced the time taken to capture and profile information which has allowed records staff to focus on other essential record-keeping tasks.
“Now that we have deployed EzeScan my team have the ability to batch process multiple documents in EzeScan (Batch Processing). We can now process large volumes of emails in a fraction of the time, which has provided us with time back to focus on other record-keeping functions in the office.” - Angelo Luczek, Coordinator, Corporate Information at the City of Darebin.