Hotel simplifies its group reservation booking process

The Business Challenge

A large Hotel Chain was faced with processing 250+ reservation faxes and 250+ reservation emails per day. Incoming faxes and emails were printed and then processed using a manual system of in trays and boxes. Processing each document included physically rubber-stamping documents as received and then faxing that hardcopy back to the sending party. Hardcopy documents were moved around by hand during the process.

The final step in the process involved scanning (using flatbed scanners) the hardcopy faxes and emails back into electronic images that were then attached to the booking record in the Hotel reservations system. Although this manual process was tried and proven, it involved a large duplication of work effort.

The catalyst for change was provided by the fact that the fax machine needed replacing. As part of a review of it's IT Infrastructure (fax machines and copiers) the Hotel went looking for an automated solution that could help streamline this process.

The EzeScan Solution

Outback Imaging was introduced to the client by a Photocopier company. They had initially contacted the client about replacing the Hotel Chain's aging fax and copier machines. They realised that simply replacing the fax machine alone, was not going to solve the problems facing the client.

Outback Imaging designed a solution for the client based around its EzeScan SERVER product. This new solution would use a new digital copier (with inbuilt copy, print, scan and fax capability). The new system utilises electronic images throughout the entire process, rather than paper documents.

Incoming faxes are now received electronically, analysed by EzeScan SERVER and automatically forwarded to the reservations operators for action. Incoming emails received by the reservations operators are now converted to TIF files using a TIF printer driver, rather than being printed and scanned back into the system.

A small number of hardcopy reservation documents are still generated by other departments, but these are now scanned in using the 22ppm scanner in the digital copier. Workflow queues for the various processing steps have been implemented electronically. The reservations operators use the EzeScan KFI module to access/process their workflow queues. As each step is performed by the reservations operator, the item is moved to the next processing queue.

During processing the EzeScan KFI module provides a simple fax back solution by using the digital copiers print/fax driver in conjunction with EzeScan