Australian Council implements EzeScan for scanning records

The Business Challenge

A Local Government Council had recently implemented an EDRMS (Electronic Document and Records Management System) to assist with its statutory obligations with regards to the ongoing management of Council’s Records.

The EDRMS Vendor solution included a simple document scanning application, but there was no capability to scan batches of documents.

The Council Mailroom receives a large number of mail items each day and these had to be scanned and indexed into the EDRMS system, for action by the relevant Council Action Officer. Mail is opened and processed at 7.30 am each morning, and the scanned mail items have to be available online by no later than 9am each morning.

The Council needed a batch scanning solution that would allow incoming mail to be scanned and placed into the EDRMS is a timely manner.

Apart from Mail processing, they also had a requirement to scan in other Council generated hard copy documentation.

The EzeScan Solution

Another EzeScan customer referred the client to Outback Imaging. They were excited to discover that our EDRMS module supported their existing EDRMS system.

After discussing the scope of the project Outback Imaging proposed that the client use the EzeScan PRO (batch scanning) and EzeScan EDRMS (direct EDRMS integration) modules to provide the scanning solution they required.

The client wanted to implement several scanning workstations, and to deploy each of those scanning solutions where they were most needed.

A 14-day evaluation version of EzeScan was installed onsite to enable the client to test whether the EzeScan EDRMS integration met there needs. A scanning job type was configured to connect to the client’s EDRMS system. Configuring the EzeScan application to connect to the EDRMS system took less than 60 seconds.

The client scanned several test batches and was amazed at how easy it was to profile the scanned documents into there existing EDRMS system (this is due to the fact that EzeScan uses the EDRMS systems existing profile forms to save each file).

Based on that evaluation the client placed an order for 3-seats of EzeScan PRO and EzeScan EDRMS.

The Value

EzeScan provided this client with an out of the box batch scanning solution that was fully integrated with their EDRMS system.

Since the solution used the native EDRMS system profile forms there was very little retraining required for the scanning operators in learning how to use the EzeScan system.

The client is using an older version of the EDRMS system, but they will soon upgrade to its latest release. The EzeScan EDRMS module already supports that latest release.

The client has been able to decentralise the deployment of its scanning workstations to where they are most effective. They can easily cater for more demand by simply adding more EzeScan workstations when and where required. The design is scaleable to meet their needs.

The EzeScan solution has helped to make the batch scanning of Mail more efficient (rather than scanning just 1 hard copy document at a time)

Expensive office floor space and storage has been reclaimed. Once documents have been scanned the physical hardcopy documents can be sent off site for cheaper long term storage.

For this client the EzeScan Solution provides tangible benefits with regards to cost savings and productivity increases.